Enrollment Survey

Section Definition

The Student Enrollment Survey collect the headcount of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in programs that are in the FAEIS purview in the Fall semester. It is intended to capture a snapshot of the Fall semester once the institution’s census date has passed. All students (full-time and part-time, on-campus and online) who are enrolled in a degree program (Associate, Baccalaureate, Masters, Doctoral) should be counted. Please exclude certificate programs. Students must be reported under the program (major) they are enrolled in. If the student has more than one major, please only report them under their first major. All programs must be accompanied by its corresponding Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) code. The program name can be reported as it exists at your institution or you can report the corresponding CIP code name. You can update the list of instructional programs for your institution at any time. There are two data entry forms for the student enrollment survey:

  1. Undergraduate Enrollment (Associate, Baccalaureate)
  2. Graduate Enrollment (Masters(thesis), Masters(other), Doctoral)

You can complete the survey one of three ways: through the online interface, completing an excel workbook, or submitting a data file. If you complete the survey using the online system or the excel workbook, you will see one form for undergraduate enrollment and one form for graduate enrollment. If you submit a data file instead, you will need a column to differentiate the degree level. Masters degrees need to be reported as either Masters(thesis) or Masters(other). Masters(thesis) indicates that a formal thesis has to be written in order for the student to earn their degree. Masters(other) indicates that the program does not require a thesis – it might require passing a cumulative exam instead. If your institution does not track the difference between the two, report all of the masters students under Masters(thesis). In addition to CIP code and degree level, student enrollment must also be broken down by gender and race/ethnicity.

Required Enrollment Variable Definitions

Below is a summary of the required data elements for the enrollment survey:

  • CIP Code – The 6-digit code that best reflects the program. This should be the same code that is used to report to the U.S. Department of Education’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).
  • Program Name – The name of the program as it is at your institutions or the CIP code name.
  • Degree Level – Two Year/Associate, Four-Year/Baccalaureate, Masters(thesis), Masters(other), Doctoral.
  • Gender – Male, Female, or Unknown.
  • Race/Ethnicity – All Non-US Citizens, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, Black (non-Hispanic), Hispanic, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, Two or More Races, Unknown Ethnicity, Unspecified Minority, White (non-Hispanic).

Student Survey Information

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