Key Dates

Section Definition

FAEIS consists on multiple surveys, each with its own start date and due date.

  • Fall Total Enrollment Survey:

    • Starts on October 1 and is due by November 1.
    • The Fall Total Enrollment Survey is sent out to colleges of agriculture surveyed by FAEIS who are also members of the Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities (APLU). Individuals contacted will be asked for the total number of students that are enrolled in their college during the Fall semester, broken down by degree level (Associate, Baccalaureate, Graduate).
  • Detailed Student Survey:

    • Starts on November 15 and is due by March 1.
    • The Detailed Student Survey ask for enrollment, degrees awarded, transfer, and placement data broken down by program, degree level, gender, and race/ethnicity. Survey responders at each institution will be notified by email at the opening of the survey. Reminders will be sent out periodically.
  • Faculty Survey

    • Starts on January 15 and is due by June 1.
    • The Faculty Survey asks for detailed information regarding faculty members in the college. Survey responders will be notified by email of the survey opening.

Student Survey Information

Faculty Survey Information