Programs to Report

Section Definition

The FAEIS survey is federally mandated survey that is tasked with compiling nationwide higher education data for the life, food, veterinary, human, natural resource, and agricultural sciences. The programs that are reported will differ from institution to institution since each institution has its own organizational structure and offers programs in different academic units. If your institution has any of the following:

  • a college of agriculture
  • a college of natural resources
  • a college of family and consumer sciences

please report every program in that college. If your college offers programs that fall under the FAEIS purview (life, food, veterinary, human, natural resource, and agricultural sciences) but are instead housed in a department that is not one of the colleges listed above, include all of the programs in that department. All programs that are reported must be accompanied by a 6-digit Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) code. The main programs FAEIS tracks are those in the following program areas:

  • Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and Related Sciences
  • Human Sciences/Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Natural Resources and Conservation

found in this FAEIS CIP Codes list. If you are not sure what programs to include from your institution, email and we will put together a personalized list of programs to report on based on information that we find on your institution’s website.

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