Updating Instructional Programs

Section Definition

Each institution is broken down into colleges/schools/departments/offices. Instructional programs are listed in the unit which offers them. The programs at your institution may change from year to year. If a change occurs at your institution, FAEIS needs to be informed either by email or by entering the change in the system yourself. It is crucial to establish an accurate list of programs before starting work on the surveys since the list of programs is what determines the surveys that are presented to the user on the Surveys screen. To update your institutions instructional programs:

  1. Go to the FAEIS homepage and login.
  2. Go to the “Organization -> Instructional Programs -> Current Instructional Programs” menu item.
  3. Scroll to the college or department you work with.
  4. Inspect the list of programs and ensure that it matches the current offerings.
  5. To remove a program, click the green “Edit” box and then click the “Deactivate” button that is at the bottom of the screen.
  6. To change the name of a program or to reclassify the program, click the green “Edit” box and then type the updated name in the “Local Program Name” text box.
  7. To add programs that are not listed, click on the green “Create Program” button that is located at the bottom of the cell for the academic unit. If the program is a split of a previous program, a “Parent Program” should be selected. Program splits and mergers frequently lead to dramatic changes in headcount that need to be explained by inspecting the source of shifts.
  8. If you have program changes outside of the current year or have other difficulty describing your current program offerings using the interface, email the FAEIS HelpDesk at faeis@vt.edu for assistance.

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