FAEIS is Important to You

home-slider1FAEIS is the Food and Agricultural Education Information System.  FAEIS compiles nationwide higher education data for the life, food, veterinary, human, natural resource, and agricultural sciences. These data include:

FAEIS Data Can Help You

  • Learn about enrollment trends, emerging disciplines, student placement, and faculty salaries.
  • Study these data by discipline, institution or even institution type (1862, 1890, 1994, Non-Land-Grant Colleges).
  • Create custom reports that you can use in planning and proposals.
  • Use the FAEIS database to conduct comparisons with peer institutions.
  • Discover the new and emerging disciplines in colleges similar to yours.
  • Understand how colleges and universities nationwide are organized, and how ‘agriculture’ is being redefined to include a broad array of disciplines.

FAEIS is your best source for getting the ‘big picture’ on what is happening with enrollment, placement, and faculty salaries for the 1862, 1890, 1994 and Non-Land-Grant institutions.

FAEIS is geared towards responding to requests for raw data. We do not generally offer data interpretation nor visualization services. It is the function of the data requester to consume the raw data in whichever way they choose.

FAEIS was developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1983 and originally managed by Texas A&M University. Data collected at Texas A&M University from 1993-2000 are currently located at Research, Education, and Economics Information System. Virginia Tech began managing FAEIS in 2002.

Please see our Statement of Understanding Regarding the Collection and Use of FAEIS Data to learn about the nature of the data collected.

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FAEIS Regions Map

Below is a map of FAEIS defined regions: Northeast, North Central, West, and South. Also included in the map are 1862, 1890, 1994, and NARRU institutions. Click on the “layer” button on the far left of the menu to choose what you see.