Peer Panel Members

FAEIS Peer Panel Members Sponsoring Organizations American Association of State Colleges of Agriculture & Renewable Resources (AASCAR) Dr. Rob Kinucan,…

FAEIS Peer Panel Members

Sponsoring Organizations

  • Deans of Agriculture at 1890 Land-Grant Colleges and Universities
    Dr. Donald McDowell
    School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
    North Carolina A&T State University


FAEIS Funding Agency

FAEIS Project Team

  • Dr. Mary Marchant, FAEIS Principal Investigator

    Agriculture and Applied Economics
    Virginia Tech

  • Dr. Timothy Mack, FAEIS Co-Principal Investigator
    School of Graduate Studies and Research
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Eric Smith, FAEIS Co-Principal Investigator

    Statistics Department
    Virginia Tech

  • Bill Richardson , FAEIS Project Manager
    Agriculture, Human and Natural Resources Information Technology (AHNR-IT)
    Virginia Tech
  • Dr. Eric Vance, FAEIS Statistical Project Manager and LISA Director

    LISA (Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis)
    Virginia Tech