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Survey Completion Procedure

Survey Completion Procedure

Please see the recover password tutorial if this is your first login to the new survey instrument.

Once you access the survey instrument, navigate to the Surveys option in the menu.  In the surveys console you can navigate between survey lists for colleges and view your progress completing the 2016 surveys.  If you only report for one college, you need to achieve 100% completion for surveys only in that college.  If you report for more than one college or department, please make sure you go to all units for which you report and complete surveys listed in each location.

As you work your entries are auto-saved.  Auto saved data is temporary and only becomes recorded when you save or finish.  Data may be saved but until it is marked as finished the survey is considered under editing and data will not be considered valid to include in reports.  Please remember to finish your surveys when you are done with them.

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