Food and Agricultural Education Information System

What can FAEIS data be used for?

FAEIS is your best source for getting the ‘big picture’ on what is happening with the student and faculty at institutions that offer programs that fall within the FAEIS purview. The data can be used for a variety of things, including:

  • Exploring enrollment trends, emerging disciplines, student placement, and faculty salaries.
  • Conducting comparisons with peer institutions.
  • Discovering new and emerging disciplines in colleges similar to yours.
  • Studying student data by academic area, institution, or even institutional memberships.
  • Creating custom reports that you can use for reporting, planning, and proposals.
  • Understanding how colleges and universities nationwide are structured and organized

FAEIS is geared towards responding to requests for raw data. We do not generally offer data interpretation nor visualization services. It is the function of the data requester to consume the raw data in whichever way they choose. Please see our Statement of Understanding to learn about the nature of the data collected.

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