Food and Agricultural Education Information System

What variables will be reported on for each faculty member?

The faculty survey asks for the following information about each faculty member:

  • Identification String– The program will automatically assign a unique identification number to each faculty member. You have the option of adding an identification string to relate the faculty data to your personnel records. Doing this will make it easier to complete the survey. This identification string is often the faculty members id number at the institution or their initials.
  • Gender– Male, Female, Unknown.
  • Race/Ethnicity– All Non-US Citizens, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, Black (non-Hispanic), Hispanic, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, Two or More Races, Unknown Ethnicity, Unspecified Minority, White (non-Hispanic).
  • US. Citizen– Yes, No, Unknown.
  • Birth Month– Month the individual was born.
  • Birth Year– Year the individual was born.
  • Average Monthly Salary– Calculate the monthly salary: (annual salary/months of appointment).
  • Appointment Status– Full-time or Part-time.
  • Employment Start Year– The year the faculty member was hired.
  • Appointment Term– 1 to 12 months.
  • Primary Discipline – The discipline by which you would identify a faculty member (ie Forestry). Recorded by CIP Code.
  • College Administrator– Yes or No.
  • Department Head– Yes or No.
  • Tenure Track– Tenured, Tenure Track (Not Yet Tenured), Non-Tenured.
  • Academic Rank– Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor, Senior Lecturer, Lecturer, Extension Agent, Other Faculty (Visiting Professor, etc.),
  • Highest Degree Received– Doctorate, Masters, Baccalaureate.

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