Download Agriculture faculty to student gender reflection presentation. June 2021 ( pdf )

Presented at NACTA 2021 conference.


Andrew Meeks, Deelan Jalil, Dr. Pete Ziegler, Virginia Tech, BLACKSBURG, VA, 24060 USA

Understanding baseline information regarding gender diversity in agriculture STEM faculty is essential to the development of initiatives to address diversity within the land-grant system. The Food and Agricultural Education Information System (FAEIS) is a nationwide survey of student and faculty data from approximately 230 institutions. In an effort to augment response rates to faculty within the FAEIS survey the FAEIS team used an automated program to collect 22,369 faculty and staff records with rank, name and department from public directory websites in 98 colleges of agriculture and 713 of their departments. Student workers applied gender codes to faculty records based on an inspection of the name and photograph associated with the directory listing. This case study of faculty data collection is correlated by college and department with FAEIS student survey data. Faculty gender ratios observed across the system are 55% male, 39% female. Student genders reported in enrollment across the same set of colleges are: 36% male, 63% female. Gender comparison is presented at different levels of university organization and per groupings of the most frequent department types.