Faculty Survey

Section Definition

The Faculty Survey asks for detailed information regarding faculty members in the college. This information is often used by institutions to compare their faculty to that of their peers. The data can be used by deans to see what their peers are doing when it comes to hiring and promotions. The survey starts on January 15 and is due by June 1. Data must be provided for every faculty member in the college. Please include all faculty appointments, part-time and full-time, who are responsible for instruction (teaching), administration of instructional programs, research, or extension. Do not report personnel on leave without pay, adjunct status, research associates, clerical staff, or support staff. Exclude all employees who do not explicitly have a faculty appointment.

Required Faculty Variable Definitions

The faculty survey asks for the following information about each faculty member:

  • Identification String – An identifier, usually a combination of the faculty member’s initials and/or id number at the institution. The same unique identifier should be used assigned to each faculty member and then that identifier should be used when completing the survey each year.
  • Gender – Male, Female, Unknown.
  • Race/Ethnicity – All Non-US Citizens, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, Black (non-Hispanic), Hispanic, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, Two or More Races, Unknown Ethnicity, Unspecified Minority, White (non-Hispanic).
  • U.S. Citizen – Yes, No, Unknown.
  • Birth Month – Month the individual was born.
  • Birth Year – Year the individual was born.
  • Average Monthly Salary – Calculate the monthly salary: (annual salary/months of appointment).
  • Appointment Status – Full-time or Part-time.
  • Employment Start Year – The year the faculty member was hired.
  • Appointment Term – 1 to 12 months.
  • Primary Discipline – The discipline by which you would identify a faculty member (ie Forestry – 03.0501). Recorded by CIP Code.
  • College Administrator – Is the faculty member a dean or associate dean – Yes or No.
  • Department Head – Is the faculty member a department head – Yes or No.
  • Tenure Track – Tenured, Tenure Track (Not Yet Tenured), Non-Tenured.
  • Academic Rank – Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor, Senior Lecturer, Lecturer, Extension Agent, Other Faculty (Visiting Professor, etc.).
  • Highest Degree Received – Doctorate, Masters, Baccalaureate, Unknown.

The survey also asks for the total FTE (full time equivalent) of the faculty members by appointment type:

  • Teaching FTE
  • Research FTE
  • Extension-Outreach FTE
  • Administrative FTE
  • Other Appointments FTE
  • Temporary leave/Sabbatical FTE

Please note that the survey no longer asks for the FTE breakdown of each faculty member by CIP code. It only requires the overall FTE by appointment type. This change was made to reduce the time it takes to complete the survey.

The Faculty Survey can be completed either in our system by clicking on the “Faculty Surveys” tab or you can generate an excel sheet with all of the information and email it to FAEIS at faeis@vt.edu. Before generating a file, please download a sample Faculty Data File and view the list of required variables for the Faculty Survey.

If you or anyone else at your institution has completed the Faculty Survey before, please reach out to us and we will generate a pre-populated spreadsheet for you past on the most recent data that was submitted. You would still need to edit, add, and/or remove faculty members listed on the spreadsheet, but it would dramatically reduce the amount of work on your end.

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